Artist Statement

I am fascinated by the beauty and possibility of handcrafted pottery. This craft has been a part of the human experience for thousands of years, and still, potters are constantly reinventing new ways to engage with the medium. When I create new work, I first think about the people who will ultimately use my pottery; how will they hold it in their hands, look at it with their eyes, touch it to their lips?

I think about the dishes from my own mother and grandmother’s kitchens – enjoying a cup of coffee and laughter on a weekend, eating a last bite of cake after a birthday celebration. The patterns of these dishes and the feeling of their smooth glaze in my hands are fuzzed into these wonderful memories. I like to think about the lives my own pottery will enter. Where will these vessels live? How will they celebrate joys and comfort loss in their new homes?

I make pottery out of stoneware clay. It has a strong body with a hint of gritty texture that comes out as subtle iron flecks when it is fired. I love to play with a balance of simple and vibrant colors in my work using oxide washes and mid-range fired glazes. Clay has captured my love for almost 3 decades because it offers constant possibility – slabs, potters wheels, slip cast. With clay the options to create are innumerable.

My hope for my pottery is that it is woven into the day to day lives of the people who possess it – dinners with family, quiet afternoon cups of tea, a late-night bowl of ice cream. A big part of why I use stoneware is because it is durable, unlike fine china, able to handle to the daily routine of dishwashers, microwaves, and other modern conveniences. My proudest moments as a potter are when I receive a letter or hear from someone who is enjoying my pottery in their every day like, knowing not only that my work has entered their life, but their life has added new meaning to my work.